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How to win an official Google T-shirt and 200$ cloud credit in 45 mins?

How to win an official Google T-shirt and 200$ cloud credit in 45 mins?

Now having a Google T-shirt and a 200$ cloud credit isn't the biggest deal but it's surely worth 45 minutes, isn't it? Yeah, that's exactly how long you need to invest to have that coveted Google developer T-shirt and that too without any coding. The best thing? It's open for individuals from both coding and non-coding backgrounds.

Google Assistant Developer program is an initiative by Google (Obviously) to encourage developers to contribute on Google Assistant (again obviously). Google have been constantly improving the program and they're expected to make major changes in the near future, so look out for them. Now you can contribute in different ways, you may develop a trivia game for the users to play or a personality quiz or a travel assistant. Whatever you may like, these are the numbers of projects that Google let you make.

Now most importantly, these projects can be made through two methods, one requires coding skills and one doesn't. Obviously the apps made through the first method can be made more complex in its functioning than the apps made through the second method. But I'm here to help you achieve the goal with minimal efforts and time, so I'm going to use the first method. Ready? Here we go:


Step One: Visit this webpage.

 Step Two: Scroll down till you reach this window.

  Now you can go for any of the above four options, for now I’m going with Trivia. Click on the “Build A Trivia Action” and proceed to this window.

 This is the complete documentation about how to make the Trivia action on Google assistant. I strongly advise you to read this thoroughly to understand the process as this might also help you in future.

Anyways, as I’m here for the lazier one.

 Click on the “Actions Console” option highlighted in blue on the current window. Go on to Add a new project. Assign a name to your project as per your liking. This is the new window which would open up once your project is created.

Scroll down till you see the option “Templates”, click on it to proceed.

Again you have four different options, for now we’re going with Trivia. Proceed by clicking on it.

Firstly, you will be given three different options for the voice which would host your game, you can proceed with any one of them.

Now the real deal starts, where you would have to submit the actual content of your game. You will be required to fill in your questions along with their respective answers and few wrong options. You may also add a follow-up fact/stat about the answer, which would be provided to the user after he/she has answered that particular questions, rightly or wrongly. You may also add different levels or Categories to you Quiz.

Detailed instruction about all this is given here.

Important Note: To be eligible for the Google T-shirt and a 200$ cloud credit, the Actions project must be in good standing at the time of Google review. Actions projects created using templates must have at least 50 unique questions if building with the trivia or flash card templates. For Actions built with the personality quiz template, the Action must have at least five traits with at least three questions per trait and at least five outcomes. These must be your original work. If you cease to have any publicly deployed Actions projects, you will no longer be eligible for the Community Program.

Once you’re done with it, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re done with the hard thing, now you only have the formalities to deal with. Next up comes the fun part, the simulator, where you’re given a chance to test your own app, that’s the really cool thing. Now comes the formalities, In the Deploy section,

  • For Directory Information, you’re required to fill in a small Introduction of your app and a more detailed Introduction.

  • Sample Invocations are the triggers required to open up your app in the Google assistant.

  • Images are required for the logo and banner.

  • For Contact details, I would advise you to make a separate email Id for Developer email for your app so that any concerns regarding it can be attended and doesn’t get ignored in your private email Id.

  • For Privacy and Consent, this is your go to Document, which is also available on the official site. Terms of service is optional and I ignored it when I first made my app and it hasn’t caused any trouble, so you can ignore it too.

  • For the Additional Information, it’s basically just the category that you have to choose carefully, you wouldn't want to choose a wrong category and irritate your user.

You can let the Location targeting and Company details be the way it is by default, until you do have a company or a marketing idea.

For the Surface Capabilities, it totally depends on what kind of app you’re making, but for the basic app, you can again let it be at default.

And now my friend it’s Done, you just have to Release and submitted for the review and just cross your fingers and wait. Most probably you will get an approval within an hour. But you would have to wait till it's approved and you're eligible for the community program, all of which would be contacted to you through an email and would take around a day or less than that to complete.

But Launching your first Action to users is half the battle. This community program is here to support those of you who put the extra effort to build high-quality Actions that are starting to get traction from users globally. When you reach the following milestones with your Action:

  • Getting initial traction: For every developer, friends and family are the first users of their Action. To reach this milestone, however, you need to get noticed by users outside this intimate group - or just have an incredibly large social circle.

  • Keeping users engaged: Getting users to try your Action is great; getting them to come back again and again is even better. If you build a quality experience that users can't have enough of, we want to add to your efforts to improve and grow your Action.

  • Taking your Action global: As Actions on Google launches internationally, we'd like Google Assistant users to enjoy all the great quality Actions in their native language. If you make your Action available in two languages (one of which should be a non-English variant) and a minimum amount of users engage with it in both languages, we'll help you pursue global fame and glory.

Google hasn't given any exact cutoff number for any of these milestones yet. Though, it is said to be updated in near future.

If at least one of your Actions projects reaches one of these three milestones:

  • You'll receive an invitation to join our community program's Google Group. There, Google will send group member-only invites to meet and talk with Google's experts either through Hangouts or small intimate events around the world.

  • Google will ship you a Google Home to make it easier for you to test and use your Actions.

So don't just stop here, keep working hard and enjoy all these exclusive perks offered by Google. Good luck.


Sudeep Purwar