Software Engineering Roadmap


According to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), out of the eight lakh graduate engineers from technical institutions in the country, more than 60 per cent remain unemployed.

Only 7 per cent of the engineering graduates are employable.

These statistics are shocking and they lead to lots of questions about India’s Education system:

  1. Why are so many students unemployable?

  2. What could be done to help so that they become employable?

We, at CareerHigh, are a team of mentors and educators who have interacted with thousands of students to understand the cause of this problem. We realized that there was a common theme

  1. Most students who struggled to get a job were from tier 2 or tier 3 colleges.

  2. Quite a lot of students in these colleges are hard-working and motivated.

  3. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper guidance, they face challenges in getting a good job.

Students in most colleges are primarily dependent on their seniors for advice. The sad fact is that seniors are often not the best people to take advice from because most of them are themselves struggling in their career. Taking advice from such people only makes it worse for you.

In most colleges, students generally do not interact with professors outside of the class and so, they don’t get guided by professors either. At the college level, parents are usually not too qualified to mentor their children.

As a result, most students wander aimlessly on what is to be done about their career. Some try and pick up coding skills. Others prepare for GRE. Some others start with CAT preparation. The fact is that such decisions are usually uninformed and miscalculated. Students do things because their peers are doing the same thing.

At CareerHigh, our vision is to provide the right mentorship to college students and job freshers so that they develop the right industry skills leading to a great career.

As we all know that today, the Software Industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The industry is growing at a rate faster than ever and is creating a lot of employment opportunities. Due to this growth, a lot of people are trying to learn Programming so that they could also become Software Engineers and work at top tech companies to make hefty salaries. Today, there are gazillions of online resources on learning Programming - Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AR/VR and many others. However, as mentioned above, most students do not have the right understanding of what to learn and in what order to learn.

For instance, we’ve seen that many students pick up Android App Development in the very first year of their college, without developing the basics of programming and problem-solving. This, of course, leads to challenges and eventually, students become demotivated.

Therefore, through CareerHigh, we plan to create a platform for the aspiring Software Engineers to pick up the relevant industry skills at the right time and at the right pace so that they can get the best jobs as per their potential.

By and large, all successful Software Engineers go through 4 phases of learning

  1. Learn to write code

  2. Learn probem-solving

  3. Crack the internship

  4. Get that Dream Job

At CareerHigh, we will help you progress through each of the above phases. By seriously following this roadmap, you’d be able to build the right set of skills that are required for the industry and end up with your dream job. The platform has been inspired by our Medium Blog post.


Let us now talk about how exactly your approach should be so as to achieve your goal of becoming a software engineer. Click on the relevant phase to start learning.