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How can I improve my confidence in interview?

Are you one of those who get nervous in front of an interviewer?

Are you also scared of interviews?

Tell me, who is not? You are not the only one who faces these problems. Almost all of us are scared of interviews. After all, it is a battle where you either win or lose. Either you crack the interview and get the job or you spoil your interview and lose a wonderful opportunity.

There are many out there who despite having the right set of skills and capabilities are not able to clear interviews just because they lack confidence.

But what If I say that you can appear fully confident in your interview by just following 6 steps? Will you believe me? You will believe once you know and apply these 6 techniques. So, let us begin.

STEP 1: Control your mind

Avoid all the negative thoughts in your mind. In any difficult or challenging situations, your mind acts like an enemy forcing you to think about all the negative possibilities that might happen because of that situation. For example, in an interview, thoughts like "What will I do if I do not get this job?", "What if my friend get this job?", "What if I do not get any other opportunity?", "What if I have to sit idle at home without any job?" might come in your mind. These thoughts make you lose confidence.

To avoid these thoughts, try to think about all the positive aspects of your life. You may think about your achievements, your family, your joyful moments etc. These positive thinking will help you overcome all the negative thoughts and control your mind.

STEP 2: Avoid negative associations

Don't talk to people who you think will make you nervous. Always talk to people who inspire you, motivates you and think good about you. Generally outside interview room, people start discussing interview questions, their experiences etc. If these discussions impacts you negatively, avoid interacting with people at least 30 minutes prior to the interview. Just calm down for 30 minutes. You may listen songs, do some breathing exercises etc.

STEP 3: Treat the interview as one of the opportunities rather than the only opportunity

None of your interview will be your last opportunity. Everyone gets multiple interview opportunities in his/her career. It is just a matter of right match. Always think that if you lose this opportunity, a better opportunity will surely come in future which can benefit you more.

STEP 4: Always do healthy comparisons with your friends/relatives

Many a times we start comparing our achievements with others. It is not possible that you will be always superior than your friends or relatives. After all everyone is unique with different set of skills & capabilities. So, even if your friend has converted any interview or is doing better than you, do not judge yourself and in the process ruin your opportunities.

STEP 5: Do not worry about "What if I will not be able to answer?" questions

An interviewer never expects you to know everything. It is completely fine to let the interviewer know if you do not know the answer of any question asked during the interview. You can always say "Ma'am, I do not know the answer currently, but I will surely research and learn about it". Your acceptance and ability to tackle the situation calmly might actually impress the interviewer

STEP 6: Prepare well for technical and common behavioural questions

Last but not the least, prepare vigorously on expected questions for an interview. Read about the interview experiences, questions asked and be ready. Generally we all tend to ignore common behavioural questions which actually can be a game changer. Even if you are not able to answer technical questions, you can impress the interviewer by powerfully answering common behavioural questions. So prepare well.


All the above steps are equally important. It will help you only if you implement it genuinely and trust these steps. If you do that, I can assure that your confidence will be at peak during your interview and you will definitely stand out in the crowd.


All the best!